Expectation vs Reality

One of my favorite things to do when I have a little downtime is play around with recipes and make some all time favorite “not so healthy” treats into clean versions that taste equally delicious.  Unfortunately, the outcome is not always pretty:P

While looking online for new recipes, I ran across a recipe for High Protein Cookies on CutandJacked.com.  Since I’m a perfectionist, I followed the recipe to a T.  After adding all the ingredients and mixing per the recipe directions, I had a sinking feeling these cookies were not going to come out right.  The mixture was beyond watery and there was NO way I would be able to put this slop on a cookie sheet without creating a mess.  So, I did what most people would do….I added more dry oats to thicken things up.  Success!  Now we’re cooking.

In the oven these High Protein Cookies smelled incredible and browned nicely.  Walking around the kitchen with a smug look on my face I thought, “I nailed it!”  Oh, how wrong I was.  Turns out my High Protein Cookies were far from edible, as they tasted like a perfect disk of rubber oats.  I couldn’t help but laugh at my waste of 30 minutes, my loss of several cups of good oats, and two dogs who turned their face when I tried to pass them off as treats.

So, the quest for healthy recipes continues.  It may take some time, but I’m confident my next blog will prove that healthy can be tasty.  In the meantime, enjoy this pic from Pinterest.  It always makes me laugh simply because it’s so true!




  • So funny! I too am always trying new recipes in my downtime to make clean eating even more fun! My favorite—clean desserts that are just as yummy or YUMMIER than nonclean 😉 love this post.

    • Thanks Amanda. Feel free to share anything you have and are super proud of. I’ll make it and post it on my site as “a la Amanda” 🙂

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