Goal Setting – Dreaming Big – Muscle & Fitness Hers!

It’s crazy how quickly this year seems to be flying by!  It seems like only yesterday when January was just coming to an end and my sights were set on how I could make 2012 amazing.

When I first decided to make my passion for health and fitness my calling, I turned to goal setting to make my “wants” into “reality.”   I was advised by my life coach to be specific, go into detail, come up with an action plan, and most importantly, dream big.  With a “go big or go home” attitude, I did exactly that.  I immediately began writing out my 1 – 3 – 5 – 10 year goals.  At the top of my list… “Shoot with Muscle & Fitness Hers.”

Here we are today, eight months into 2012 and I can say with excitement that I’ve achieved that goal.  Last month, I ventured off to NYC to shoot with the magazine that led me into the world of fitness.  From packing my bags to the final shot of the day, the experience seemed surreal.  Several times I made myself stop and reflect, telling myself to breathe and soak the experience in.  This was my goal, and it was really happening!

So, when you think about what you want in life, my advice is to reach for the stars.  Set lofty goals and remember…anything is possible with hard work and determination!


Dream the Impossible

Seek the Unknown

Achieve Greatness

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