New Year – New You

With 2012 in full swing, resolutions have been made and goals have been set high.  Whether it’s a personal goal to run a marathon, pay off debt, quit smoking or the oh so common goal of health and fitness, the end objective is the same….to succeed!

Throughout the year, I make it a point to continuously set goals for myself.  Instead of simply saying, “I want _______,” I get specific about my goals.  I make sure they are complete and focused before writing them down and creating my map.   Are they focused and detailed?  Did I give myself a time frame to achieve each specific goal?  Do any goals contradict my other goals?   And are they set high enough?  Go big or go home is my philosophy.

All too often, I hear people tell me they let their goal slide because it was just too hard to achieve.  In order for you to succeed at reaching your goal, you must own it.  Stay positive about reaching your goals.  Review them daily, and ask yourself if what you’re doing will indeed get you closer to reaching your goal or if it’s keeping you at arm’s length from it.  Most importantly, visualize the end result and stick to it.  The satisfaction you’ll have the day that goal has been met will be worth all the hard work and dedication!

This quote speaks loudly.  Copy it down and read it daily, especially when you feel you’re slipping from achieving your goal.  It’s amazing how powerful such a simple statement can be.

“I will not give up, no matter how many obstacles I encounter, or how much pain I endure. Because these things are nothing compared to my desire to succeed.”




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