Stay on track this holiday season!

Lets face it; the holiday season is here and with so many of us traveling it can be really hard to stay on track with our workout and clean eating.  Although vacation a time to unwind and let loose, letting all your hard work go down the drain would be a waste!

Vacations and family gatherings can be a great time to step back and unwind from daily life and long to-do lists.  Generally we take advantage of this time to sleep in, have breakfast on the beach or meet for lunch with friends and family, and splurge on dessert after dinner.

As my career has continued to grow, it seems like vacations are becoming more and more necessary to stay sane and reconnect.  Luckily my body is my business, so I’ve leaned a few tricks to stay focused on my fitness goals, while having a fun at the same time.

Try a few of these things and hopefully you too will stay on track while enjoying the holidays with your friends and family.

*Pick a location that offers lots of outdoor, calorie burning activities (skiing, snowboarding, surfing, hiking).

*Plan ahead.  Do your research before you book travel plans. Does the hotel/resort you’re staying at have a gym or access to an athletic club?

* Be mindful of what you eat and drink.  Eat small meals every three hours, watch those sugary drinks, and be sure to drink plenty of water!

*Pack you protein and small snacks and take them with you!

*Pack your exercise bands with you.  They take up very little room and you can get a great workout from using them.

Safe Travels and Happy Holidays!


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  • Great article babe! Love you!

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