Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon 2011

Whew! I did it☺ The Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon is over and I’m still alive to write about it!
Named as “The World’s Largest Nighttime Running Event,” the Rock & Roll Marathon & Half Marathon series in Las Vegas raked in an estimated 45,000 runners and 75,000+ spectators. The loud bustling sounds of the partygoers and cabbies on the Las Vegas strip deadened as a sea of runners mentally prepared for an amazing run along the strip at night. The chilly weather and intense wind didn’t deter this group of avid runners.
The race began and within minutes, sweatshirts and gloves were stripped off, littering the Las Vegas strip. Runners looking to set a personal record flew through the sea of people, and I began weaving in and out of the crowd. The race was officially in full force. This was my time to set a personal record. A finish time of less than two hours and I would be happy!
Around mile 11, I felt myself starting to hit my wall. Only 2.1 more miles and I was done. Running at my 9:08/mile pace, I kept telling myself that I only had 20 more minutes until I was done. 20 minutes – that’s nothing! As I approached the finish line I looked down at my watch and saw 1:58. “I got this,” I thought as I sped up. With a wall of people in front of me, I raced through the finish line at exactly 1:58:54, reaching my goal and breaking my previous half marathon time by 7 minutes.
So what’s next? Relaxation and recovery. I’ve started back with short runs and am focusing on HIIT training. With competition season just around the corner, it’s time to focus on lean muscle gains and hone in my diet.





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  • Awesome job beating your goal! You showed Vegas what’s up!
    Loved the blog.

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