Although joining forces with Dymatize Nutrition has been in the works for some time now, I am happy, okay…out of control excited, to announce that I’m officially a TEAM DYMATIZE Athlete!!!!!

A leader in the industry, Dymatize Nutrition offers products that range from vitamins and minerals to gainers, fat burners, pre-and post workout aids, protein bars, protein powders and beyond.  Not only is the quality of Dymatize products top-notch, their supplements are nutritionally sound and taste amazing.  Their ISO-100 has quickly become my favorite protein powder and their Elite Gourmet Bars are a little slice of heaven I look forward to all day.

Having just completed working my first show with my new team, I know I have found my forever fitness family.  The athletes that make up this amazing team are down to earth, true team players who couldn’t have been more welcoming.  So yes, the year is quickly coming to a close, but for me, my year is just starting and I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds.


Holly Bricken Team Dymatize Athlete

Dymatize Nutrition - Holly Bricken

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