Looking for a killer cardio session? Take a go at the Jacob’s Ladder!

This year, my gym introduced its members to an amazing, low-impact piece of cardio equipment called Jacob’s Ladder.  Feeling intimated by this crazy looking piece of equipment, I avoided it at all costs.  About three weeks after it took its permanent place on the gym floor, my trainer began incorporating it into my weekly workouts and I couldn’t believe how amazing the cardio workout I got from using it was.  After only one minute, yes…one minute of work, I was pooped!

Since the Jacob’s Ladder machine is self-paced, you ultimately control the intensity and energy expenditure of your workout.   Simply put, the faster you go, the faster it goes, in turn burning more calories.  When you’re ready to stop, simply stop climbing and the machine will lower you down and stop.

Still weary of trying this machine out for yourself?  Check out the following product features listed on the Jacob’s Ladder site and give the machine a try on your next workout:

  • Self-paced exercise – the faster you go, the faster the machine goes.
  • Provides an engaging, low impact workout using upper and lower body muscles over a greater range of motion, thereby making the most of the time spent in cardiovascular training.
  • The simultaneous use of upper and lower extremities while controlling trunk movement supplements a core stabilization program.
  • The forward inclination of the body facilitates recruitment of the intrinsic spinal musculature for stabilization and postural control.
  • Gives the user the ability to train either aerobically or anaerobically.
  • Height adjustment to the security strap offers users of all sizes a comfortable workout.
  • The Ladder’s 40-degree angle offers natural climbing motion, which takes stress off of lower back, hips and knees.
  • The long dynamic climbing stroke ensures a full range of motion increasing leg and lower body muscle utilization, while also increasing cardiovascular capacity.


Jacobs Ladder 2

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