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Did you know during regular exercise your muscles experience involuntary muscle contractions two or three times per second?  Would you agree that by bumping these contractions up to 50 times per second the efficiency of your workout would increase, thus increasing overall training?  I sought out the answers and decided it was time to put Acceleration Training to the test!

For those of you who have never heard of Acceleration Training, this method of training enhances your performance while it increases the efficiency of your workout by activating many muscle groups at the same time.  By implementing acceleration training into your workout program, you are stimulating the body’s natural response to vibration, thus causing your muscles to respond to vibrations with rapid-fire muscle contractions (ranging anywhere from 25 to 50 times per second).  These muscle contraction responses have proven benefits, such as improved blood circulation, increased muscle strength, increased flexibility, improved range of motion, decreased cellulite, increased bone mineral density, and faster recovery periods.

Seeing this long list of benefits, my response to trying Acceleration Training was immediate.  “Sign Me Up!”

Since this training method is relatively new to me, I decided to enlist the help of close friend and Acceleration Training guru, Jon “Edge” Edgcomb.   Jon has been highly trained on the Power Plate method and knows all the ins and outs of how this highly sought after piece of equipment can transform anyone’s workout.

The principle behind the Power Plate is that it’s a great time-saver in comparison to conventional, strenuous training.  A condensed 10-minute workout on the Power Plate is proven to be equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional exercise.  Not only is your workout condensed, you’re getting a complete, full-body workout that incorporates stretching, balance, core, strength-building and massage all in one machine.  So, better results in less time!  With all this knowledge under my belt, to work we went!

At the end of our short, but intense workout, I was beat!  We completed a total of nine different exercise positions, each held for 30 seconds, and we varied intensity between 30-45 vibrations a second.  What I originally thought looked “easy” turned out to be just the opposite.  My muscles were twitching, legs were wobbly, and I literally felt like I had just endured a 60-minute strenuous training session.  Now I know why celebs like Madonna and Donatella Versace have flocked to this training style for years.

So, if you get an opportunity to try AT and the use of a Power Plate I would highly suggest you give it a try.  Although I won’t ever dismiss my conventional weight training routines all together (I’m a sucker for lifting weights), I’ve began incorporating AT into my workouts for better gains, as well as to improve my overall fitness level.

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