Combine Style Workouts – Have you tried one?



With so many different types of workouts on the scene, it’s easy to avoid trying something new due to uncertainty of its effectiveness and well, its longevity.  Daily routines that rely solely on treadmills and free weights are quickly becoming a thing of the past, while workouts that train for movement are flooding the fitness industry.  Because my workouts mirrored those of old fashion free weight training (hey, we all know lifting weights works!), I jumped at the opportunity to try Combine training when my trainer approached me with it.


If you’re new to this particular type of training, what’s important to know about Combine training is that the exercises that makeup the combine are designed to challenge the athlete, and thus assess your overall fitness.  Since these workouts are intense, your trainer/coach should never throw you into a Combine workout, rather you give you an opportunity to earn the right to participate.  Unlike typical workouts, Combine moves involve counting and weight pushing as well as focus on sports specific movement and balance, stability, and range of motion. Simply put, Combine movements are focused to train the entire self, not just body parts like your standard gym moves.


Since I’m not professionally certified on this method of training, PLEASE seek help from an experienced professional before attempting the workout below.  Things in print seem easy, but I promise you, this workout is killer if done correctly.  If you’re not crawling out of you session completely drenched in sweat and reaching for your post-workout refuel, you didn’t push yourself hard enough.


So, let’s get into the Combine workout my trainer designed specifically for me.


After some tissue work, a dynamic warm-up (check out my January blog for info on this), and core work, we jumped right into the Combine itself.  Believe me when I say this is hard, really hard, but worth the amazing feeling you get, as you know you are one step closer to your overall fitness goal.


*Note: Each exercise is preformed for 1 minute with a 15 second rest before moving to the next exercise.  Complete entire series two times.


Squat (using dumbbells)

Push Up (on stability Board)

Bulgarian Lunge Hop (30 seconds per leg)

TRX Low Row

Jam Ball Slams

Rip Trainer (rotate & punch)




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