The 5 Components Of Fitness – Are You In The Know?

With 2013 in full swing, resolutions are abundant and many are aimed at health and fitness.  I’ve noticed the gym has gotten busier, especially during peak hours, and it seems that chicken breast is becoming an obsolete item in my local grocery store.  A healthy 2013 is underway, but to ensure you get the best results from all your hard work, it’s imperative you keep in mind these Five Components of Fitness.

The Five Components of Fitness may be new concept to many; I know it was to me until recently.  After much research, I’ve learned that these five components are actually essential in establishing a fitness program that will help you reach your desired goal (reduced body fat, increase lean muscle, or just improve your overall level of fitness.)  So for me, long gone are the days of utilizing just two or three of these components.  I’m all in and ready for 2013 to be my healthiest and most fit year ever!

Hopefully, I’ve peaked your interested, so let’s get into what exactly these five components are and how you can incorporate them into your plan to achieve the most possible success and reach your goals.


1. Food

When it comes to eating, less isn’t always more.  The body not only needs food to use as energy, it also needs food in order to build lean muscle.  Developing a simple meal plan that is based around what your body needs is imperative when it comes to overall health and fitness.


2. Cardio

By incorporating various forms of cardiovascular activity into your current workout plan, you will maximize your training results by increasing calorie burn, as well as improve heart function and boost immune function.  Be sure to make every minute of your cardiovascular activity count and make regular modifications (frequency, intensity, even type of exercise) to your program to ensure you continue burning calories even after your workout has ended.


3. Dietary Support

The right meal plan, combined with aerobic activity, will only get you so far in your fitness journey.  By adding small amounts of supplementation to you daily intake (unfortunately, the food we consume doesn’t have all the dietary support we need), you’ll be able to see greater results and feel better as you reach your goals.


4. Resistance Training

Studies have shown that the more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn at rest, so be sure you’re adding strength training to your exercise program!  Along with building lean muscle, strength training increases your metabolism and is great for maintaining healthy bones.


5. Plan, Accountability, Assessment, Motivation

The final component seems the easiest, however with all the challenges of daily life, it’s the one component that can easily be left behind.  Sit down and make a plan for how you will achieve your fitness goals, then find someone to hold you accountable (a friend, a gym buddy, even a trainer), regularly assess your progress (making modifications as needed to avoid hitting a plateau), and find things (people, pictures, phrases, etc.) that motivate you.  Little post-it notes placed around the house with motivational sayings on them are one of my favorite, low-cost motivators!

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