My Pregnancy: 9 weeks and counting…

Baby Brickhouse is officially the size of an olive (.9 inches), so this is where I put the brakes on the whole “incorporate foods into my diet each week that represent the baby’s size” since I don’t “do” olives (why can’t it be compared a gummy bear this week?).

This week is a major milestone in the whole pregnancy game. Our little nugget is no longer an embryo and is now a fetus, which means I’m getting close to the end of my first trimester, and hopefully the nasty first trimester pregnancy side effects – woo hoo!

This week I started to vary up my cardio routine and add in a Stair Climber HIIT workout. Since the ultimate goal during pregnancy is a heart rate of 130, I had to figure out what levels worked best for me, but after a few minutes I nailed it. After I hopped off the Stair Climber, I did another 28 minute walk on the treadmill walking at an incline of 6.0 and a speed of 4.0. Sweated like a beast and felt great (although tired) after my 60 minutes were up.

Minutes     Level

0-5              7
5-6              10
6-7              7
7-8             10
8-9             7
9-10           10
10-11          7
11-12          10
12-13          7
13-14          10
14-15          7
15-16          10
16-17          7
17-18          10
18-20          7
20-21          10
21-23          7
23-24         10
24-26         7
26-27         10
27-29         7
29-30         10
30-32         7
Check out my week 9 pregnancy pic below.


Week 9 Pregnancy Pic


  • OMG where is my granddaughter? You do not look pregnant at all. Your so beautiful even though you do not feel it at times. You and David are going to be the best parents and there will be a lot of events that will occur that you will not find an answer to in a book or any other reading material, but your parenting instinct will kick in and you will know what to do. I have so enjoyed your writing and sharing so that others can follow your journey! You are a treasure.

    • Thank you. You know I’ll be asking you a lot of questions and needing your help a lot 😛

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