My Pregnancy: 10 weeks and counting…

Well, it seems like this week should mark a milestone – 1/4 of the way through – right? For me it did, but the “real” milestone is still a few weeks away when my first trimester comes to an end. It’s a big deal to me, so I’m celebrating anyway!!!

This week seems to be similar to the past few weeks when it comes to those super fun pregnancy symptoms. Nausea is still here full force, energy levels are low, hormones are raging and food is just plain weird.

This I love this week:

Cereal – I’m a sucker for Chex cereal.
Cottage Cheese – I can eat a huge tub, but with all the sodium I won’t let myself.
Pineapple – We’re going through a ton of fresh cut pineapple in my house.
Red Meat – This seems to be the only lean protein source that sounds good to me.  


This I normally like, but can’t stand right now:

Peanut Butter – I never thought I would say that!
Rice Cakes – How could styrofoam not sound good? lol
Chicken – WHAT? I live for chicken normally!
Broccoli – YAK!!!!
Tomatoes – I think the texture is what’s turning me off right now.
My homemade green salsa – I would eat this by the tub and now even the smell makes me sick.
Alcohol – Okay, so I know drinking is a no-no while pregnant so this aversion is great, but even the idea of a sip of wine sounds gross.


What I’m craving this week:

Butterfinger Minis
Burger King French Fries – I haven’t had these in 10 plus years. Why am I craving them, I don’t know. I caved on this craving and it was SOOO worth it. One and done though – no more!


Pregnancy Craving - Burger King French Fries


I’m finally starting to gain some weight now (even though the baby is only about .14 ounces) and I’m noticing that I’m holding fluid throughout my body, especially in my waist and butt. I did always say I would be happy if a baby gave me a booty, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my “grandpa butt” will become more “bootylicious” post baby. .

Here is my pregnancy shot this week:


Week 10 Pregnancy Pic


Our week 10 ultrasound:


10 Week Ultrasound

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