My Pregnancy: 11 weeks and counting…

My taste buds are finally starting to come back and things that made me wanna barf a few short weeks sound good again. Maybe it has to do with the holidays on the horizon, maybe it’s because I’m almost at the end of my first trimester, or maybe it’s just the morning sickness medicine my doctor prescribed (thank you Diclegis!) working like a charm. Whatever the case, I’ll take it!

I have no idea what is happening to me, but this week I’m having a severe case of “I need to donate everything in my house.” While David was out, I decided I couldn’t stand the site of our bedroom linens so I ripped everything off the bed, put it all in bags, and put it downstairs with our concierge to donate. Obviously when David got home and saw what I did, he told me that I had officially lost my mind. Apparently he isn’t happy we will now be sleeping with just a sheet. I think it’s hilarious! And…it’s actually really comfortable.

I’m staying focused on getting my workouts in at least 6 days a week and have finally gotten back to running, which is making me super happy. No intervals, of course. I’ll get back to those post-baby. Instead, I’ve modified my running routine to be 5 minutes of running (speed 5.9mph just to keep my heart rate in check) followed by 5 minutes of incline walking (incline 6.0 – speed 4.0mph) for 60 minutes. I’m going to rotate between this cardio routine and my HIIT Stair Climber routine to keep my body guessing and not get complacent…or bored. My weights routine is similar to pre-pregnancy, although it’s becoming more difficult to do exercises like leg press and lying hamstring curls. With an expanding belly, I’ve nixed any exercises that have me lying on my stomach, so I’ll move toward more upright hamstring exercises.

Fun (and no so fun) week 11 pregnancy facts:

* Baby Brickhouse is the size of a lime!  Did someone say margarita?  None for me until June 2015.

* Baby weights about .25oz this week.

* Linea nigra (that dark line appearing down the center of your belly) may be starting to show this week.  Mine isn’t….yet.)

* Pregnancy = gas.  Yep….gas!  Feel free to do what I do and just blame it on the baby:P


Here is my pregnancy selfie this week:

Week 11 Pregnancy Pic


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