My Pregnancy: 12 weeks and counting…

Week 12 is here and we have so much to be THANKFUL for this week. Baby Brickhouse is looking great and growing like a weed based on our 11 week screening. Nasal bone measurements and Down syndrome testing are all done and our genetic testing came back with no flaws. What’s even more exciting is I now know the sex of the baby thanks to the Maternal 21 testing (or T21) I did last week – Woo Hoo! I’m going to keep it a secret for a few more days though. I want to keep this little bit of information to myself and surprise David with the news while we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in Vegas this week. (Vegas…fitting I know. Especially since that’s where this little nugget was conceived earlier this fall.)

Unfortunately, I hurt my back this week running, so I’ll have to take it easy on the cardio until I’m feeling better. Looking like it will be HIIT incline walks until the pain is gone, but as long as I can get my heart rate up, my incline walks will be fine. Lots of rolling out, stretching, and I even scheduled a massage to help work out the kinks.

Something new I learned this week: No one wants to do any sort of “work” on a pregnant woman. I went to schedule my massage and was told I can only do a prenatal-style massage from now until I deliver. And, they won’t do more than 50 minutes! Also, no facials and no body scrubs. WHAT? Luckily, I have great people at home that will still do slightly longer massages and facials on me! So much for a spa day while on vacation. Booooooo!

I guess this week will be filled with shopping, gambling, working out, pigging out (in moderation of course), and relaxing.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


My 12 week pregnancy selfie:


12 Weeks Pregnant Pic


My first Non-Alcoholic Beer: Buckler….pretty good too!


Buckler N:A Beer


Had to document Baby Brickhouse’s first Vegas trip:)  Oh boy, we’re in trouble when she gets older!

Family Veags Shot


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