My Pregnancy: 13 weeks and counting…

Week 13 is finally here, which means this is the last week of my first trimester – woo hoo:) Could this be the turning point for those nasty pregnancy symptoms like nausea, exhaustion, and bad skin? Only time will tell, but I have my fingers (and toes) crossed.

Baby Brickhouse is almost 3 inches long (about the size of a peach) and is becoming more and more proportioned in regards to head and body. Major developments are happening, even though it’s still small in size: vocal cords, teeth and even fingerprints are forming. Have I said how crazy making a human is?

I’ve been reading a lot about how workouts need to change when you are pregnant and so far the only thing my doctor seems to agree with is the intensity. I’m keeping my 6 days a week workout routine and making it a point to keep my heart rate at the recommended 130 bpm. Lifting is going great and I’m being mindful of exercises that require balance since my center of gravity is changing. My goal is to keep my muscles strong and maintain muscle memory so this body can snap back post-delivery.

Check out my pregnancy selfie this week (but don’t look at my crazy hair:P) :

Week 13 Pregnancy Pic


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