My Pregnancy: 14 weeks and counting…

The holidays are right around the corner and holiday parties seems to be popping up like weeds. Our first party is this Saturday and although I’m super excited to go, I’m also a little nervous about how it will be not indulging in some holiday cocktails with my friends. I pulled a bunch of things out of my closet to wear and NOTHING fit right. My belly is expanding and those sexy dresses I’m use to wearing just won’t zip up anymore. As much as I would love to go to this party in my comfortable Lululemon pants and a tank, I don’t think it would be appropriate. Although…I know everyone would probably be super jealous about how comfortable I would be!

This week is our company holiday party so I’ve decided to stay back and hold down the fort while David takes care of business and celebrates with our employees. As much as I’ll miss him, I’m going to take advantage of this time to put my feet up and relax. Come this weekend, life and our social calendar will be crazy again!

This week’s pregnancy turning moment – hearing the baby’s heartbeat via doppler for the first time! I was sad David had to miss this appointment, but I made sure to videotape the whole thing for him. His response after I sent it to him: “So Awesome. I’m in love already!” Seriously, I have the best husband 🙂

This weeks cravings:

Mac & Cheese (the kind you ate as a kid – Kraft)
Fritos & Cream Cheese (weird combo, but amazing!)
Chick-fit-A Chicken Biscuit (hey…baby wants what baby wants!)


Week 14 Pregnancy Craving - Chick-fil-A


Here is my week 14 pregnancy pic.  This belly grows throughout the day, so at night it looks bigger than the mornings.

Week 14 Pregnancy Pic

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