My Pregnancy: 15 weeks and counting…

Week 15 is finally here and knowing that I only have 25 weeks left out of the 40 week pregnancy schedule is helping me power through all these crazy pregnancy side effects.  Long gone are the days of brittle nails and 8 weeks between hair appointments.  My prenatal vitamins are working like crazy, but unfortunately they are still wreaking havoc on my stomach.  Since I know how important they are for my growing bump, I’ve learned that taking them before bed makes the discomfort more bearable, so that is my new protocol.

This week I’m having a little difficulty with my cardio, but in an attempt to stay healthy and strong during my pregnancy, I’m continuing forward full steam ahead.  Mixing up my lifting routine has made things more fun and alternating cardio routines will hopefully keep my body guessing and growing under this excess weight and fluid retention.

Pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about:
Gas!  Yes.. I said it. Being pregnant makes you gassy.  It’s gross and not fun (although it can be funny), but it’s part of it.  Do what I do – Blame it on the baby!  Actually, now is the time when you can blame everything on the baby.  Don’t feel like going out?  Blame it on the baby!  Don’t want to carry groceries in?  Blame it on the baby!  Want pizza?  Blame it on the baby!  You get my drift.
Cellulite – WHY???  Having never been a person who had cellulite, this side effect of pregnancy stumped me.  Yes, I’ve gained a couple lbs, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed this is fluid retention and will go away post baby.  Could the foam roller help?  Who knows, but I’m sure going to try!

My pregnancy craving this week:
Fries (still!)


This past weekend Baby Brickhouse got her first gift from Liz & Javier 🙂

Baby's First Gift (thanks Liz & Javier)

Baby Brickhouse’s First Christmas Ornament.  Thanks Jason & Heidi!!!!

Baby Brickhouse Christmas Ornament


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