My Pregnancy: 19 weeks and counting…

Now that we’ve hit the 19 week mark, it’s time to head to the hospital for our BIG ultrasound to check in on Baby Brickhouse and make sure she is developing exactly as she should be. Apparently, since I’m over 35 years old I’m considered “at risk” so every part of this little nugget is getting analyzed. Do the leg bones measure up perfectly? How about her arms? Are they equal lengths? Her brain. Her heart. Her blood flow. Everything! She was a ham for the camera, so to speak, and we’ve realized she is a party girl in the making since she always seems to have her arms in the air like she’s dancing. Good thing I’m playing lot of music for her at night, although I’m mixing the calming kind with my high energy electronic style.

The check up showed she is growing perfectly and already weights 11oz, which seems high. Especially since our trusty “Bump” app claims her weight should be around 8.5oz. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to measure her length since she is getting too big and is in a fetal position from here on out. Is it crazy that I want to know if I’m brewing an Amazon queen? Watch..she’ll only be 5’7”. HA!

Workouts and eating are going well this week, although this craving for pizza is killing me! I don’t think I’ve been to BJ’s but once in my life (maybe 10 years ago), but for some strange reason I got this idea in my head on Monday that I NEEDED to go there for a deep dish pie. I attempted to be good and nix the appetizer, having a small salad instead and displayed pretty good self-control when the pizza came out. We even took some home – whew!

Side note: Although I think David is really enjoying me being a little lax on our usually strict eating plans, he is starting to think I am “flabatoge-ing” him and trying to make him gain weight with me. I am SOOO not! Okay, maybe a little 😛

As far as pregnancy symptoms, cravings, aversions, etc. go, I’m actually starting to feel like “myself” again. Minus the weight gain and weird body changes I’m experiencing.

I’m completely addicted to fruit right now (Have you had strawberries recently? They are AMAZING!) Here is a sample of my daily meal plan right now:

Breakfast (pre-workout) : fruit, yogurt, protein shake
Post Workout Snack : mini rice cakes, all natural peanut butter, shake
Lunch : healthy salad with chicken, avocado, tomato, black beans, low-fat cheese, low-calorie tomato vinaigrette dressing
Afternoon snack : apple or rolled oats, protein shake
Dinner : grilled chicken (or lean meat), brown rice, carrots, salsa, sliced tomato

Food aversions: broccoli (still) & chicken (although I’m making myself eat it).

Here’s a shot of my growing bump this week:


19 weeks pregnant

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