My Pregnancy: 18 weeks and counting…

I’m inching closer to the halfway point and decided it was time to kick up my workouts and focus more on my clean eating habits this week.  I definitely won’t be counting calories or making a deficit in my overall nutritional requirements, but I really want to incorporate more veggies and protein (the two things that seem to make me gag now that I’m preggo) into my daily meals.

The spin bike is becoming part of my New Year’s cardio routine and it is killing me! 30 minutes of interval riding after 30 minutes of either HIIT stairs or my 30 minute incline treadmill workout.  If this doesn’t help get me a toned booty (along with two days of leg work), I just don’t know what will.  Lo, you are my inspiration and made me believe this will work!

This week David and I are going to pick out nursery furniture, which should be fun.  I actually have my eyes set on a few things and have the nursery  colors picked out, so I just need to take him shopping to make sure he agrees it’s all perfect!  I’m pretty sure he’s wishing we were having a boy right now so I wouldn’t be looking for, and planning on, a chic nursery design, but boy or girl…it would be baby chic no matter what!

Check out my growing bump this week:

Week 18 Pregnancy Pic

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