My Pregnancy: 17 weeks and counting…

I’ve turned a corner this week, and I don’t mean with my pregnancy.  I’m 36 years old – eek, bye, bye 35.  I actually have to press the arrow up button on the treadmill when it asks for me to input my age now – sniff sniff.  Where in the world is time going?

At 17 weeks our little princess is almost 1/3 of a pound and about 5 inches in length.  Considering David and I are both really tall, she may be longer than that!  My skin is so dry and itchy, which is either due to an increase in pregnancy hormones or just the dry weather we’re experiencing, but either way I’m over it.  I use so much Bio Oil, Coco Butter and Coconut Oil that I feel like a lubed up grease ball!  But…if all this hydration keeps stretch marks at bay, I’ll keep doing it. (People claim they are hereditary, but I’m not risking it!)

Since I’m not planning a rager of a birthday and crazy New Year’s Eve, it should be easy to keep my workouts going strong.  Cardio is still somewhat challenging with the lack of energy, but I have my eye on the prize (my post baby bod) and know that even though it doesn’t look like it, I’m still building muscle under this bloat.  Talk about a mental block!  Train hard and gain weight.  What the heck?

Here is a sample of my shoulder routine for this week:
Overhead Shoulder Press (Barbell)
Alternating Front Raise (Dumbbell – Overhand Grip)
Alternating Front Raise (Dumbbell – Underhand Grip)
Upright Row (Pre-loaded Bar)
Lateral Raises **superset with Seated Bent-Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise
Pregnancy Update:

OMG – I felt the baby move on New Year’s morning!!  What an amazing way to start the New Year!  And, I think my morning sickness (aka – all day sickness) is finally gone, so I can stop taking my morning sickness meds. Woo Hoo! This is a great week 🙂


Here I am at 17 weeks!

17 weeks pregnant

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