My Pregnancy: 37 weeks and counting…

So my husband asked me what I want for our 11 year wedding anniversary that is this week and all I could think to say is that I would like this baby to come early. Not because I’m uncomfortable and can’t stand being pregnant, but because I’m so excited to meet her…and well….have a margarita already! Even though I’m considered “full term,” we still have a few weeks to go so I probably need to think of something else to ask for. Maybe a massage or just a nice dinner out.
Since we’re at the 37 week mark, our doctor’s appointments have moved from every other week to weekly, starting today. Lots of monitoring from this point forward, which seems like a lot of work, but it’s all so exciting…especially since the end is officially near!!!
Baby Brickhouse looks like she is doing perfectly and my body has started to begin prepping for labor. Of course, no one can tell you when labor will actually start, but I’m already dilated, cervix is effaced 75%, and our little nugget is sitting super low, which I knew based on how I’ve been feeling – ya know…down there. My weight hasn’t changed since two weeks ago (whew!), but I’m feeling MASSIVE. My increased belly size seems to hit me the most at night when I’m crawling into bed, which makes sleeping more and more difficult, but like I’ve said in previous blog posts, “If this is the worst of it, I don’t have it too bad.”
This weeks cravings:
Peanut butter of course, but I’m letting myself take a much needed break from it.
Cupcakes – Yes…I said it. Cupcakes! Vanilla with white frosting – OMG YUM!
Mac & Cheese – I am NOT giving in to this craving!
Salad – I found a great low cal, low-fat tomato vinaigrette dressing, so salads have become a great way for me to get in a ton of vegetables.

Stay turned for updated pics at week 38!

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