My Pregnancy: 38 weeks and counting…

The thought of being only being pregnant for a few more weeks is somewhat bittersweet.  If you’ve followed my pregnancy from day 1, I am NOT one of those girls who loves being pregnant.  Yes, it has some really amazing aspects to it, but it has also been a huge adjustment that has taken me on a roller coaster of emotions over the past 9 plus months.

I honestly thought I would start to feel different with the end so near, but I feel exactly like I did at 25 weeks, 30 weeks, and 35 weeks.  My belly is more pronounced and this kid is moving around like crazy, but there are no physical signs that labor is on the way.  Apparently this is normal.

This week we had our 38 week doctors appointment and my body hasn’t decided to push itself closer to the delivery point.  Apparently Baby Brickhouse is content exactly where she is.  I can’t blame her.  She’s warm, sheltered, and just spending her days relaxing.  Ahh, the life of a baby on the inside!

With the light at the end of the tunnel becoming brighter and brighter, I finally decided this was the week to get our hospital bags packed.  If there is one thing I hate doing, it’s packing.  For me, packing includes a lot of complaining.  I complain before, during, and after the packing experience has ended. The events that take place during packing never change.  I make a list, start pulling items, sit on the floor, grab my laptop or phone, and get sidetracked. This is followed by David coming to check on me and asking, “What are you doing?” to which I respond, “I hate packing.”  I’ve decided that when I’m rich I’m going to hire someone to do my packing for me 😛  And so I digress….this packing job, just like all the rest, must be done and although it will most likely take a few days, it will be done before week 39 hits.

Onto the health and fitness aspect of week 38.  My workouts this week have been awesome and diet has remained relatively clean.  It feels great knowing I’m making gains in some areas, which will show nicely when I can up my cardio and start back with interval training.  I always said I would be okay with being pregnant if the baby gave me the booty I’ve always longed after, but unfortunately this pregnancy did not deliver. Or so it doesn’t appear to have. Either way, I’m looking forward to having more mobility with exercises and kicking things up once this belly is gone.

Here I am at week 38. Feeling huge, but it’s all part of the “growing a human” process.


Pregnancy Pic

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