My Pregnancy: 36 weeks and counting…

Have you heard the song by the band, Europe, called “The Final Countdown”? Well, I can’t get it out of my head and although it’s funny, it’s not exactly the song I would choose to have stuck in my head for so long. So, I’ll roll with it and maybe add a little fun to things by playing the air guitar as I sing the only part I know of the song (the hook) around the house and make David laugh.

Mother’s day rounded out last week and I was shocked to get so many Mother’s Day wishes from friends and family. Even David and our unborn nugget sent me flowers to mark the special day, which was beyond thoughtful. I know I’ve been growing a human in me for over 9 months now, but I still don’t feel like a mother yet. It’s actually crazy to think that a year from I WILL be a mom and I’ll almost have a 1 year old!

My workout motivation tanked this week, but knowing the importance of having a healthy and fit pregnancy for me and this baby keeps me going. Cardio is proving to become more difficult with the increase in Braxton Hicks contractions, but I’m keeping to my 50 min cardio goal and have increased the resistance to keep my stamina up and burn those calories. I’ve even managed to keep my weight training similar to my pre-pregnancy routine, minus some leg exercises and ab work. Those things will return post pregnancy along with my favorite cardio choice….running!

Since I’m not carrying a ton of extra weight with this pregnancy, and because it’s my first, I have no idea if the baby has “dropped” yet or if I’m anywhere near delivering soon. At 37 weeks, the doctor says I could safely deliver, which would be AWESOME!!!!, but everything depends on when the babes decides she’s ready. It could be anytime within the next 5 weeks really (they won’t let me go past 41 weeks luckily), so it’s time to start thinking about packing hospital bags, putting the car seat in the car and prepping ourselves for the welcome surprise known as labor.

Check out my baby bump at week 36!

36 Weeks Pregant  36 Weeks Pregnant 2


  • So excited for you and Dave. #relationshipgoals

    • Thanks Hillary! I can’t believe after all these years we finally did it 🙂 #grownupsnow #nailedit #whathappensinvegas

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