My Pregnancy: 32 weeks and counting…

It finally happened. I can happily say I’ve made the switch from totally loosing my mind and freaking out to being zen like in a just a matter of days. Thank God! The old Holly is back (well…kind of) and I feel like I can officially focus on the final 8 weeks of this pregnancy with a new, positive set of eyes now that the craziness that we’ve been calling “life” for the past 4 months is behind us. House renovations are complete, the baby shower is wrapped up and over with, and the much-anticipated “nesting” phase of pregnancy is about to begin.
Baby Brickhouse has become super active this week and it feels like I have a little kick boxer inside me. Although I don’t really understand the comparison of babies size to that of fruits and vegetables anymore (one week she’s the size of a head of lettuce then a few weeks later she’s the size of a cucumber – huh?) I’m told she’s about the size of a squash and should gain almost a pound between now and next week and then slowly increase until about week 37. I can’t help but wonder if she had a sudden increase in size during the past week because suddenly I feel HUGE! Bending over has become harder and I’m easily tired by the smallest things, like watching my husband do manual labor in the yard. Just kidding..I love that! And I’m beginning to think my pup has some sort of inclining that there is a baby brewing because she is attached to me at all times, which was never the case before.

My case and point….


My pregnancy symptoms and cravings are surprisingly low this week too, although when David asked what I wanted for lunch today my response was, “fries, cupcakes, and pizza.” HA! Obviously we refrained, but we got a great laugh out of it.
Even though the old Holly is back, I’m definitely feeling somewhat unmotivated when it comes to the gym this week. I’m going b/c I know it’s a necessity, but my heart isn’t in it like normal. Maybe this has to do with my increasing size or my shortness of breath, but I’m hoping it’s just a small blip and week 33 will prove to be my “go big or go home” week. My goal: 5 days of 50 mins cardio followed by foam roller and weights, then pick two days to walk up the super steep, 1 mile hill in my neighborhood.

So, now it’s time to kick up my motivation level and get myself ready for this little nugget to make her debut in the upcoming months!

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