My Pregnancy: 34 weeks and counting…

6 more weeks! 6 more weeks! WOO HOO!!!!
It seems so crazy to think we’re so close, yet still have quite some time before this little nugget is finally in our arms and not just some mysterious alien living inside my body. Talk about delayed gratification at it’s finest! It’s been 238 days of pure insanity, so this final 42 day countdown seem like torture.

This week David surprised me with a relaxing Babymoon at our favorite so-cal vacation spot, Pelican Hill. Perfect weather and a relaxing atmosphere is exactly the type of vacation we need right now. Okay, okay…I lie. Vegas sound pretty incredible, but there is no way I’m making that trip until I get my pre-pregnancy body back and can enjoy sipping cocktails poolside during the day with friends. So, as far as vacationing while being pregnant, Pelican Hill is the absolute best. I like to call it “My Happy Place.”
This week I decided to try running intervals, which I admit was a mistake. Mentally, it felt great being back on the treadmill, but physically my body wasn’t having it. Strangely enough, my thighs felt itchy when I reached my top speed and my back…oh God, my poor back! That was a hard lesson to learn, but I’ve seen the light and will stick to the elliptical until this baby is out and the pain subsides.

Cravings this week are pretty similar to last week. Hungry all the the time and feeling like a whale, but that hasn’t stopped me from having a random cookie or two. Since we’ll be out of town, peanut butter will get a break but I’m sure I’ll replace it with something less healthy. Week 35 is a new week, so I’m just going to enjoy my vacation, splurge within reason, and have my sights set on a healthy and productive final 5 weeks of pregnancy.


34 weeks pregnant babymoon

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