My Pregnancy: 29 weeks and counting…

Hello week 29 and hello to a bigger belly! If this little babe cooperates, we are almost 75% through this 40 week process, which seems crazy! I remember thinking, “This is going to take FOREVER!” at week 8 and to be honest, it has! Curious how the waiting game feels? Think about a time when you were a kid waiting for that awesome school field trip to finally happen. Remember how the night before the field trip you had a hard time sleeping because you were so excited? Well, this is like that, but that “tomorrow” feeling just keeps going on and on and on. At first, the countdown was focused around when I would return to feeling normal again. Now, the countdown is focused on how much the baby is growing and how much longer we have to prepare ourselves for this life changing event. It kinda funny to think about the day when David and I open the car seat box, look at the instructions, and attempt to put it into our cars for the first time. Or the first time I look at a breast pump and think, “what the hell am I doing?” I can feel a lot of laughter in our futures.

With hormones raging high this week, life as we know it feels more like a roller coaster than smooth sailing. I’ve gone from laughing to crying in a matter of minutes and go from feeling nervous one minute to feeling like Wonder Woman the next. It’s honestly the strangest thing ever. At least I’m not the mean, pregnant wife I’ve heard horror stories about…or am I? lol

Baby Bricken’s nursery is transforming into a beautiful space that mixes sweet baby vibes with the chic baby look I had envisioned. The crib and the dresser are finally here (these were ordered in January, so if you’re pregnant be sure to plan your furniture accordingly because some things take 8 plus weeks to get) and after looking at the crib for a few hours, I decided it just isn’t right. So, it will be going back and we have a new crib on order. This one will no doubt it will be perfect! Now, we just need to get going on picking a rocker since the one we had custom-made arrived so dirty we had to reject delivery. Sniff – Sniff. Maybe that was a sign that it wasn’t the right rocker and that there is a better one out there waiting for us to find it. As soon as I get the crib and bedding in hand, I’ll be sure to take a pic of the finished room and post it online:)

My workouts went great this week too, which gets me excited for getting my post baby body back. I’ve decreased my cardio from 60 minutes to 50 minutes, but I’m keeping with heavy weight lifting sessions. My ultimate goal during pregnancy is to keep my overall fat gain low and keep as much muscle as possible all while being safe about my workouts. My philosophy is that the more in check I keep things now, the better chance I have at bouncing back after baby.

Here is a sample of my bi/tri/cardio for the week:

30 minutes stairs
20 minutes elliptical

Foam Roller Rollout – 10 minutes

Alternating Arm Dumbbell Bicep Curl – 12 reps
*Superset: Lying Barbell Tricep Extension – 12 reps

Incline Bench Seated Bicep Curl – 12 reps
*Superset: Overhead Tricep Extension – 12 reps

Alternating Hammer Curls – 12 reps
*Superset: Rope Tricep Pushdown – 12 reps

Barbell Bicep 21’s
*Superset: Assisted Dips – 12 reps

My pups are already having bonding time with Baby Brickhouse!

Stella & Marley Bonding with Baby

Dresser is here!

Baby's Dresser





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