My Pregnancy: 28 weeks and counting…

Now that boxes are unpacked and life is starting to go back to a somewhat normal state, I’m finally ready to wrap things up and begin this whole “nesting” phase of my pregnancy. Sure, there are still pictures to hang and finishing touches to add, but this week I was able to let a little sigh of relief out that the move is done. Small touch-ups to our downtown pad were made early in the week and we handed in the keys, making for a bittersweet day. As much as I love the downtown lifestyle (I will no doubt be back!), this new journey in our lives calls for more space and a yard for our Baby Brickhouse to play in.

Workouts are back on track this week, which feels great! And…to make things even more exciting, I decided to join a new gym closer to our new house. After almost three years, it’s nice to have a little change in workout environments. I’m still keeping my downtown membership because I can’t tear myself away from the awesomeness of FIT all together, but I’ll divide my time between the two until things calm down in the next couple of months.

At 28 weeks, the doctors appointments take a new turn. Blood glucose testing for gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) was done this week and we also got our first glimpse of our growing baby via 4D ultrasound. Unfortunately Baby Brickhouse was busy playing with her umbilical cord and chewing on her hands, so the imaging wasn’t amazing, but we still got a great glimpse of our growing nugget and I know seeing her precious face in a few shorts months will be incredible.

My pregnancy cravings have gotten crazy this week. I can’t stop thinking about eating some serious Houston style Mexican food and I’m on avocado overload. Guacamole anyone? And, I’m totally and completely addicted to sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches! Not sure what that is all about, especially since I’m normally “anti-sandwich,” but as I say, “baby wants what baby wants.” Luckily I have steered clear of Girl Scout Cookies this season – not one box, which is impressive, especially for any pregnant woman. hehehehe

Check out how big my baby bump has gotten in my 28 week pregnancy shot. It literally “POPPED” out and there is absolutely no hiding it anymore!

28 weeks pregnant 28 weeks pregnant - front view


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