My Pregnancy: 27 weeks and counting…

There is only one word to sum up this week and how I’m feeling – EXHAUSTED! Holy cow…did we pick the most ridiculous time to remodel and relocate. Waking up at 6:30am and falling into my pillow at 1:00am is taking a toll, but I just keep telling myself that it is all worth it and in the next month or so, when the dust settles, we will say we are so happy we made the jump into being true Californians.

Since I’ve been so busy this week, it’s been hard to pinpoint pregnancy symptoms and just feelings of being tired and sore. I’m still dry and itchy, my back still hurts, and my Linea Negra is getting a little darker, which honestly freaks me out. Where I use to see the outline of my abs, I’m now seeing a round belly with a line that moves up towards my belly button – eek! I know the belly and the line will fade, but it’s hard seeing these changes when you’re use to something so completely different. Just keeping it real:P

This week I also had to major milestones. First, true to “brickhouse” form I took things too far and decided to change out the receptacles in our new place so they could have a pre-made baby safe cover. I turned off the power, did the re-wiring, and turned the power back on. Success! Well, I decided to mess with the receptacle one last time (with the power on like an idiot) and got shocked. I freaked! And when I say I freaked I mean I lost my $hit! OMG, is the baby okay? Did I hurt her? Why isn’t she moving? I immediately called my husband crying and he tried to calm me down, which didn’t work. Then my friend gave me some things to try (drink a really cold drink or eat something sweet), and still nothing. I researched google like a madman with tears streaming down my face and finally started to calm down when I read that if there is no burn from the shock the babes would probably be fine. Whew!

Fast forward one day and the coolest thing happened. Baby Brickhouse rolled over and I left some of the biggest movements ever! Apparently the shock to my finger didn’t hurt her cause she was moving everywhere. I first noticed my shirt moving while taking a moving/packing break and decided to grab my phone and see if I could get it on video. Score! When I went to show David his jaw dropped and he kept asking how weird it was for me to feel it. Yes, it was so weird, but was so awesome at the same time. Ahh, I love this little 27 week old nugget!!

Stay tuned next week for more pregnancy symptoms, milestones and pics.

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