My Pregnancy – 30 weeks and counting!

This week will have to go down in history as one of the craziest weeks of my life. Not only are my stress levels through the roof with house and work stuff, I was blessed with a random act of kindness from someone who decided to slash my tires and key my car at 7:30am when I ran into Home Depot to grab contractor bags. Pregnant, vandalized car, and stranded in a parking lot is something I hope to never go through again in my life. And if I do, I should really start playing the lottery because I must have some special gift.
On the upside of things, we finally had our turf installed this week and I’m beyond grateful to no longer be living in a construction zone and dirt. Goodbye dusty house…hello beautiful beachy breezes!
Even with all the craziness, I’ve been able to manage getting my workouts in relatively easily. As the saying goes, “Early bird gets the worm,” so I make working out my first priority, then plan each day accordingly. And…I’ve been be sure to add in some extra pampering time for myself since pregnancy can make you feel not so beautiful by getting a facial and a massage and getting my nails done this week!

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