Running Season Is Underway – Woo Hoo!!!

As many of you know, running is one of my biggest passions in life.  It’s the perfect time for me to be one with the road, get some cardio in, and think about my goals, dreams, and well…reflect on life in general.  My daily runs are 4 ½ miles, so needless to say, I do a lot of self reflecting:P

After several smaller runs during the fall and winter, I stepped things up a notch and completed my first “long” run, a ten-miler, two weeks ago in Austin, which was a blast, even though the weather Gods were not on our side that day.  It was the perfect training run for my next scheduled race, the San Diego Half Marathon in June.  With perfect California weather, a beautiful course, and awesome headliner band (Donovan Frankenreiter) I’m convinced this will be a run for the books.

So, what’s in the cards for my 2012 running season?  My goal is lofty – run 4 half marathons and increase my speed with each.  Watch our San Diego, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami!  Brickhouse is heading your way!!!









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