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Let’s be honest.  I’m just not one of those girls who leaves the gym looking pretty and sweat free.  I sweat, and sweat a lot.  If my hair isn’t a mess and my shirt isn’t soaking I don’t feel like I pushed myself hard enough.  With that said, I make it a point to pay extra attention to my skin so that I keep it clean and clear of blemishes, as well as combat those dreaded wrinkles that come with getting older.  I’m 33, so there is really no better time.

With an increase in photoshoots recently, my skin has been even more exposed to elements.  Sun, wind, and of course makeup.  Lots and lots of makeup!  Surprisingly, everyone I’ve worked with has commented on how great my skin looks!   So, what’s my secret?  Well, in an attempt to keep this blog short, I’ll fill you in on my top three skin care products and tips now.

First, I’m in love with my Clairsonic Plus skin cleaning system.  I religiously clean my face with it twice a day.  It has a hefty price tag of about $225 retail, but you can always opt for a Clairsonic Mia, which retails for around $119 and get just as good results.  Remember to replace your cleaning head every 3-4 months!

Second, I swear by Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Care!  The combination of products in the system make cleaning and protecting your skin simple, and within just a few short months of regular use you’ll see healthier, younger-looking skin.

Finally, sunscreen – sunscreen – sunscreen!!!  Spending time outdoors and in the sun always seems to be part of my plans, especially on vacation, but I know how important it is to protect my skin.  With the use of sunscreen, you will keep those UVA rays at bay; minimizing wrinkles, sunspots, and of course skin cancer.  My suggestion – use high SPF and re-apply frequently!

So, there you have it.  My top three beauty MUSTS!  Want to see more?  Let me know if you want me to keep this blog going by commenting below.

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  • I would like for you to comment on your hair. I have long highlighted hair that I have been treated for 13 years. I am now 39 and my hair keeps breaking off. Do you have any suggestions for keeping hair long and healthy.

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