PictureGroove – Olympia 2011

It’s been a week now since making the haul out to Las Vegas for the annual Olympia Weekend and I’m still not recovered.  My journey started with an early morning rise on Thursday, September 15th to make it to the airport in order to start my first shoot of the weekend with Sarah Lyons of PictureGroove.  Touchdown at McCarran Airport at 10:30am and off I went in search of our shooting location…a colorful house with all the bells and whistles photographers look for when searching for something photo worthy.

Loud music, beautiful women, bubbly personalities, and lots of equipment filled the space.  I instantly knew this shoot was not only going to be fun, it was also going to lead to great photos and lifelong friends.  To hair and makeup I went.

My shoot started with a super special sets with friend, inspiration, and fitness icon Monica Brant.  Having known Monica for about a year now, I felt at home and comfortable around her, although the pressure was on to bring my A-game while shooting with such a seasoned fitness pro.  Bikini’s went on (talk about INSANE – they were adorned with Swarovski crystals and had the perfect cut and fit – thank you Teeny B Bikini Couture!) and within fifteen minutes we were finished and it was time for a wardrobe change.

Five hours later, and with no voice remaining, I was smiling as I thought about how much fun I had just had.  This is one of those shoots I will never forget, as I feel so lucky to have a friend in Mo, access to such an amazing photographer, and the gift of new friends that I met and hope to work with again.


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  • Holly, thanks for your friendship. Love your site. Looks great! More to come!!

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