My Pregnancy: 6 weeks and counting….

Information overload has set in thanks to all the pregnancy books I’m reading, and my morning sickness – make that all-day sickness – is here in full force. Luckily, I haven’t been so sick I can’t keep anything down, but hormone induced nausea (thank you progesterone!) is no fun. A little moodiness has kicked in and I would rather spend my days on the couch watching crap TV rather than hitting the gym, BUT I’m not going to! Gym, work, then couch. Since I’m having a difficult time with my energy levels and nausea, I’ve traded out my runs for HIIT treadmill work. Check out my cardio routine this week:
Treadmill Walking HIIT Workout – 60 minutes

Minutes     Speed     Incline

0-3              4             0 (warm up – do not repeat in series)

3-5              4             3
5-6              4             5
6-7              4             7
7-8              4             8
8-9              4             9
9-10            4             10
10-11           4             11
11-12           4             12
12-13          4              13
*REPEAT 6 times (this will bring you to 57 minutes)

57-60         4             0 (cool down – do not repeat in series)
Pregnancy Progress:

This week marks Baby Brickhouse’s first ultrasound. With doppler too strong to use at this point in the pregnancy, we were only able to see the heartbeat, but it made things even more real and made David and I even more in love. With our first printed photo of the baby in hand, we shocked my other sister and brother-in-law with our news of expecting while at one of our favorite restaurants. Needless to say there were tons of “Noooo!” “What?!?” “Really?” “Omg!” and cries.  Such a great night!


6 Weeks Pregnant


Baby's First Ultrasound - 6 weeks

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