My Pregnancy: 5 weeks and counting…

I had my second round of blood work done this week and everything looks great. Baby Brickhouse is busy growing strong and healthy! My hormones (hello morning sickness!) and sense of smell have officially gone into overdrive, while my energy levels have seemed to crash. I swear my husband is starting to think I’m crazy because I keep telling him, “something smells weird!” He probably thinks this is my roundabout way of saying it’s him – lol.

With my energy levels low, it’s been difficult to get my early morning works in.  Keeping focused on my post baby body 9 months from now, I’ve been diligent about keeping workouts part of my daily routine. Modifications to time and intensity have been made and although I’m not up at the crack of dawn blowing through interval runs, I’m still breaking a sweat and feeling good about it. The elliptical has become my new friend this week and I’m sticking to my typical weights routine.

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