My Pregnancy: 21 weeks and counting…

I’ve finally made the pregnancy turn and am past the halfway point! Ahh, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

With the progression of my pregnancy, and in an attempt to stay motivated and informed, I’ve decided this week that it was time to join a couple Facebook groups focused on fitness and pregnancy. Since none of my friends are pregnant, I wanted to take advantage of social media to find other women who could relate to what I am experiencing, as well as become somewhat of a support system to carry me through the final half of my pregnancy. Who knows..maybe I’ll get some great pregnancy workouts and nutritional advice too! I’ve asked everyone to share their favorite pregnancy insights, so I’ll keep my blogs updated with any relevant information I receive from them these final 19 weeks.

I feel like I had turning point this week with regard to the mental aspect of being pregnant. After an amazing dinner out with friends, I went home feeling sorry for myself. We chose a super trendy restaurant where everyone looked amazing as they were sipping their “let’s get the weekend started” cocktails and launching their party filled weekend. I had never noticed how thin people are or how dressed to the nines people in San Diego get, but when you’re pregnant, those things stand out. Me dressed in my muumuu (okay, it wasn’t a muumuu …it was a high-low dress, but it felt like one) sipping on water was depressing. Rejecting the post dinner invite to the club was obviously the right choice, but it made me sad watching our friends drive away to party without us. These were our close friends and I wanted to go hang out with them like the old days! After we got home and I stopped my self-inflicted pity party, I decided I had to change my train of thought. What good was feeling sorry for myself going to do? Nothing! So nothing but positive thoughts from this point forward.

Aside from my silly pity party, I made a fascinating pregnancy observation this week. My belly button is making its way outward. It’s still in there, but it’s coming out, which is crazy! I’ve had a deep “innie” all my life. What is it going to be like to have an “outie?” Will it go back in? Can I push it in and watch it pop back out? So many questions. I guess it’s a good time to make sure my belly button hygiene has been up to par. Just kidding. No, I’m not. I’m checking that thing out when it pops! lol

Check out this weeks pregnancy picture:


21 weeks pregnant

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