Tabata – The NEW Fitness Craze!




If you haven’t heard of one of the hottest fitness methods to hit the industry, you may have just asked yourself, “What in the world is Tabata?” and “How can this style of training fit into my current fitness routine?”

In an attempt to lure more people to add this style of training into their current workout program, I’ve turned to a group of fitness trainers, some fellow fitness professionals, and of course, the pages of my favorite fitness magazine, Oxygen Fitness, to break down what Tabata is, how it works, and provide you with sample Tabata workouts to try yourself.

So, what exactly is Tabata?  Tabata is a form of high-intensity, interval style training developed in Japan that is fast-paced (20 second working sets at very high intensity, followed by 10 second rest periods), performed at maximum intensity for a total of eight sets or 4 minutes total.  The high intensity factor of Tabata training not only ups your calorie burn during your training session, it also keeps your body in calorie burning mode post-workout, while increasing aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels in less time (YAY for that!)

I know what you’re thinking.  Sounds pretty simple huh?  Maybe even too simple, which is in turn, making you skeptical.   Having tried this method of training myself I can promise you the opposite is true.  Although your entire Tabata session will only last a total of 4 minutes, the intensity behind your movements should be so high it’s considered your max effort, possibly even puke inducing 😛  Just remember, max effort yields max results!

Interest still peaked?  Try this short, but intense, Tabata routine for yourself and watch your fitness elevate to the next level.


Squat to overhead press (intervals 1 & 3)

Low single arm row to push up (intervals 2 & 5)

Alternating Leg Plyo Jump Lunges (intervals 4 & 6)

Weight Bench Hop-Overs (intervals 7 & 8)


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