Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching – To Stretch or Not to Stretch?

We often forget the importance of stretching before exercise; however, choosing the right stretching technique is key to improving performance and preventing injury.


In the past, static stretching (a technique of stretching while the body is at rest, stretching to a point of tension, then holding this stretch for 30 seconds to a minute) was highly regarded as great way to stretch before exercise or an athletic event.  Recently, studies have shows that static stretching promotes instability in the joint, they don’t warm-up your muscles, and are detrimental to performance, as it hinders explosive ability.  Since my goal is to increase athletic performance and prevent injury, I turned to the alternative form of stretching that uses active movements to take a muscle through its full range of motion (ROM), called Dynamic Stretching.


Long gone are the days of reaching towards my toes to stretch out my hamstrings or pushing against a wall to stretch out my calves!  My warm-ups are now filled with blood pumping, whole body movements that warm up my cool muscles and prepare me for my training ahead.


Try these 10 dynamic stretches to increase flexibility, reduce your risk of injury, and boost your performance!


Jumping Jacks – 15 total

Gate Swings – 15 total

Seal Jacks – 15 total

Running High Knee – 40 feet then run back

Power Skip forward – 40 feet and back

Side Lunge – 40 feet and back

Lunge and Rotate – 40 feet and back

Frankenstein – 40 feet then run back

Running Carioca – 40 feet then back

Running Butt Kicks – 40 feet then run back

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  • I do both types of stretching. I start with static
    stretches then active stretching especially
    carioca. There is a couple you suggested –
    I will try.

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