Teeny B Bikini Photo Shoot in the Bahamas

I just got home from an amazing catalog shooting experience in the Bahamas, where I shot the new Teeny B Bikini Couture line. From my touchdown on the sunny island until my final Kalik Light beer in the airport, the week was filled with tons of sun, fun, and what else….bikinis!
Having never shot for Teeny B, nor having previously shot with their select photographers, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived to a house full of energetic, friendly people. My roomie for the week rocked and our hair and makeup team (Michelle Baker – hair & Denise Bortnak – makeup) was out of this world amazing.  Waking up at 5am every morning was hard, but the stories and laughter we shared made for the perfect wakeup.
Overall the experience was extremely positive.  Anyone who thinks modeling is easy is dead wrong. Up at 5am and shooting until 7pm is exhausting. What got me through it?  The people, the atmosphere, and of course, working with a company I believe in so much.
Check out my behind the scenes pictures to see each of the exotic locations we shot at.

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