My Pregnancy: 23 weeks and counting…

In 4 short months from today, David and I should be welcoming our new baby girl into the world if everything goes according to plan. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about first pregnancies going past the due date, and since the suspense is killing us….we’re keeping our fingers crossed this little nugget wants to come out on time. Too bad every month can’t end at 28 days to speed this process up!

Now the size of a grapefruit, this little girl is moving around like crazy. I seem to notice it more while sitting down or relaxing before bed, so the little kicks, punches, and rolls are a welcome part of my daily relaxation. Every little movement make me fall more and more in love with her!

This week I took my second flight while being pregnant and luckily it’s been really easy. We had to fly to Houston for a funeral and although funeral dress shopping seemed to be somewhat hard with my expanding belly, traveling was surprisingly nice. I can’t help but wonder if she’s noticing the change in pressure or if she notices anything at all. Hopefully it’s soothing for her.

This week I’m struggling with the mental aspects of watching my body change from pregnancy. Obviously I spend a lot of time focused on health and fitness, but along with that comes high focus on my outward appearance. I try to keep the negative body image thoughts at bay, but in all honesty it’s hard. I feel like I look like a beached whale from the side and staying motivated is a day-to-day struggle. I just have to keep telling myself that a healthy pregnancy will give me a healthy baby, so I need to work on just enjoying the entire 10 month process.

My appetite is doing a weird switcheroo this week too. No more cravings for cottage cheese and chocolate. Instead, I’m going crazy over granola, fruit (yes…I’m still addicted to fruit – fresh and dried!), and peanut butter.

Dear Peanut Butter,

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